Getting Involved With MMTQ

There are many ways that you can get involved with the Madrasah and help us to make changes in the community and to the lives of individuals. We need your help and support in any way that you can offer.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Encourage your friends and family to buy from MMTQ’s online store.
    We have a range of Islamic clothing, gifts, books and other merchandise that you can benefit from. All proceeds go towards advancing the Madrasah’s aims and objectives.
  • Distribution of door to door leaflets
    Why not go around family, friends houses distributing leaflets for MMTQ? This does’nt require a lot of time but is an effective method. Please contact us for more details.
  • Promote MMTQ using the internet
    If you know of anyone who runs web sites or mailing lists, why not get them to put up free advertisements for MMTQ? We can provide the text and graphics to help you do this.
  • Keep a loose change box specifically for MMTQ
    Fed up with your 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p loose change? Why not put it into a small collection box and at the end of the month donate it to MMTQ. Every little bit helps. If you would like a donation box, please contact us and we can arrange a collection box for you.
  • Make du'aa for MMTQ
    So important and sometimes least remembered. Make du’aa at the special times that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) emphasised in his ahadeeth.
  • Get local businesses to advertise on our website
    Proceeds will go towards maintaining the site and they can promote their businesses too.
  • Posters to put in Muslim business shop windows
    Get Muslim businessmen to put up posters for Al-Noor, get them involved, make them feel the need to help the community and represent Al-Noor.
  • Getting a slot on a local radio station that promotes Islamic programmes
    Do you know anyone who works for an Islamic radio station? Would you be able to get a free slot? If so, email us or call.
  • Contact Muslim magazines, publications and ask them for a donation or free ad space to promote MMTQ’s courses
    Do you know of Muslim businessmen who work in the publishing industry? Get them to donate in money and free ad space to invite people to our courses and events.
  • Volunteer your services as a one off or on a regular basis
    You are part of a team that believes in MMTQ’s services and projects and we need YOU!!! Come along and donate your services. Can you volunteer to mentor a group of young children, can you volunteer to help the Madrasah on a daily or weekly basis with photocopying, sorting, typing, etc?  If so, please email or call us.
  • Sponsoring a child to give up sweets
    Get a child interested in giving up something for perhaps a day a month, like sweets. Sponsor them and get your friends to sponsor them too. The proceeds go to MMTQ and we will publicise the success of the child on the web site.
  • Cooking sessions/parties for sisters
    Why not have a gathering of sisters who get together and produce various dishes and all proceeds again going to MMTQ? Better still, why not have an international dishes gathering? We have Muslims from all over the world and each have their own delicacies.