Getting Involved With MMTQ


Madrasah Madania Tahfeezul Quran The humble beginnings of Madrasah Madania Tahfeezul Quran date back to the year 2000 when the Madrasah was first established from a derelict rented house on Spencer Road, in an area housing over 3000 Muslim families but with no provision for Madrasah teachings.

The following year, we moved up into a larger rented property on Hartington Terrace and increasing the number of classes and staff.  Recommendations from parents and students and appreciation of the high standard of learning and progress meant that we now had a two year waiting list for admissions and the need was recognised to purchase larger, exclusive premises that would accommodate more students and allow the Madrasah to develop into a professional institution. Thus, the premises on the corner of Lidget Terrace and Lidget Place were highlighted and the Madrasah moved into the newly acquired building after renovation were completed in 2002.

Since then, the Madrasah has begun numerous projects and developed into a reputable and popular establishment with over 300 children attending the Madrasah in addition to the women attending the Islamic Studies courses.


We, at the Madrasah have aspirations to branch out and expand the Madrasah services so that we are able to better serve the community and assist the community in practising their belief. We endeavour to increase the variety of courses and learning programmes available to suit a more diverse community with various needs and conveniences. We also have many new ventures planned such as a community magazine, nursery facilities, play schemes and advice centres.


We ask that you support the Madrasah by:

After thanking Allah, we wholeheartedly extend our gratitude to all those brothers and sisters who have supported and who continue to support MMTQ. Help us to continue helping you by partaking in our schemes and helping us to share the message.

MMTQ is a non profit making organisation relying on Lillah donations from the public in order to fund all its activities.  You can get involved by:

  • Continuously making dua for the acceptance and success of the MMTQ’s work.
  • Using the MMTQ’s services and participating in its various programmes and events.
  • Referring to the MMTQ’ those who may benefit from its services.
  • Distributing the MMTQ’s literature and advertising its events in your locality.
  • Volunteering to help out at the Madrasah in any way you can. We all specialize in something- use your skill to help the MMTQ fulfil it’s objectives.
  • Contributing Lillah donations or loans towards the MMTQ’s ongoing projects. Donations can be made via the internet, by post or in person.

We hope and pray that we can, with the assistance of Allah subhanuhu wa ta'aala, continue to help sow the seeds; creating future generations which will be fruitful for us all. Ameen.