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16 Apr 2016

This class is ideal for sisters who are:

-New to Islam and wanting to learn more about the essentials and basics

-Muslim for many years but need to refresh the basics and ask questions that may seem obvious

-Practising for many years but want ot ensure that what they know is the correct way of Islam and not cultural practice or heresay.


The classes will cover 3 basic areas:

-FIQH: This is the understanding of rulings and laws of Islam and covers all necessary knowledge related to purity, salah, fasting, charity, etc

-SPIRITULITY: Knowledge of the states of the heart, sins and good deeds, for example: zikr, servng parents, truthfulness, kindness, backbiting, lying etc.

-QURAN: Learning recitiion of the Quran and tajweed from the basics as well as understanding the meaning and tafseer of certain verses of the Quran.


The class will run on Saturday mornings from 10am to12pm.

Course fee is £10 a month.

To register please call or text 07847488269 or 07853918966