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27 Oct 2014



Advanced Islamic Studies

MMTQ is pleased to announce the new and improved Quran and Hadith Studies Course to replace the previously taught Aalimah Course. 


Course Aim

MMTQ’s Advanced Islamic Studies Course is based around the Islamic sciences of Quran, hadeeth and fiqh and is designed to develop in a student all of the knowledge, skills, and spiritual development necessary to understand the spirit of Islam, to practice and embody it and to lead the community by excellent example. It is an indepth course of study for those committed to achieving a sound level of understanding of their deen. The aim of the course is to embed within an individual a calibre of knowledge that will enable her to practise Islam in its true form. MMTQ aims to provide a learning facility that will enable one to embark on a programme of study specifically tailored to suit the requirements of those wishing to deepen their understanding of an Islamic lifestyle whilst working around the busy schedules of the modern Muslimah.


Method of Study

Lessons, study groups, readings and discussion. Students will be required to initially spend 3-4 hours a week on home study which may increase in the latter years.


Course Requirements

There are no formal course requirements besides a commitment to learn and improve and regular attendance of all lessons. Students need no prior knowledge to enrol and complete beginners are welcome.


Course Fee

The course fee is £375 for payable over 12 months. This can be paid as a lump sum or in instalments to suit your circumstances. While we are flexible with arrangements for paying fees, we request that all fees should be paid in full within 6 months of the starting date.



 If you would like to enrol please fill in an admission form and submit it to the Madrasah either online or in person. For further information please contact the Madrasah by emailing mmtqsisters@gmail.com or alternatively you can phone the Madrasah on 01274 572392 or call the course coordinator directly on 07853918966 or 07736442376.


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