The Messenger of Alllah (SAW) has said:

‘Whosoever embarks upon a path to seek knowledge, Allah will ease for him the path to jannah.’ [Muslim]


v  Are you aged 11-18?

v  Have you completed you recitation of the Quran?

v  Do you want to continue learning but find that some of the lessons at your local Madrasah classes are repetitive and only cover the basics?

v  Do you want to learn more about Islam but find an Aalimah course too big a step?  

v  Would you like to be able to recite the Quran with an understanding of the actual words?

v  Do you want to able to speak Arabic?

v  Do you want to learn in English, by qualified and competent teachers?


Are you curious as to how ISLAMIC KNOWLEDGE can give you:

v  inner peace and confidence,

v  teach you to value yourself over the transitory trends of fashion and passions,

v  offer you self dignity and contentment in your heart,

v  equip you with the knowledge to live your life as a confident Muslimah,

v  show you how to make Allah your friend and confidante,

v  give you direction and in your life making you the coolest girl on the block?


This course may be your answer!

Let us show you how to love your life, love your deen and live for Allah’s pleasure!



Enrol on our new Arabic and Islamic Studies course for teenagers? We’ll answer your questions, make Islam appealing to you, show you the way to be a better Muslim?


At the end of this course you will:

·         Have a sound foundation in modern and classical Arabic

·         Have completed a GCSE in Arabic with the additional option of an NVQ in Arabic or an A-LEVEL  in Arabic

·         Be confident in all fiqhi matters pertaining to your daily life

·         Understand all the rights and wrongs of purity, salah, fasting, hajj, death & burial, zakah and sadaqah, nikah, talaq etc.

·         Have studied Islamic history from the Adam (AS) to the era of the companions of the Prophet (SAW)

·         Understand t he Quran word to word and it’s basic rulings

·         Studied and memorised any compilation of hadeeth of the Prophet (SAW)

·         Understand the different sects and deviations in Islam

·         Be sound and firm in your faith and the elements of your faith


In return you will need to give:

·         Two hours of your day every Monday to Thursday evening to attend classes. 6:00pm to 7:30pm

·         A extra 1-2 hours  of your week to go over lessons and do any homework offered

·         Your commitment and dedication to embark upon a  beautiful new way of life!



Send an email to mmtqsisters@gmail.com , give us a call on 01274 572392 or 07853918966

or drop in and visit us at MMTQ , 1 Lidget Terrace, Bradford, BD7 2LR.


You will be asked to fill in an application form and a reference form upon registration. Fees are £7.50 a week (payable every 4 weeks) and there is a £20 admission fee for students who are not already studying at MMTQ.  Separate classes for girls and boys.