The evening  Maktab classes follow a varied and enriched curriculum enabling the children to- not only recite the Quran in a beautiful manner with tajweed, but to embrace an Islamic lifestyle and develop the confidence in their Muslim identity. We place great emphasis on accurate recitation and fluency and the progress of each individual child is monitored and assessed at every stage of their learning. Additional Islamic studies are a strong focus ensuring that Madrasah is enjoyable and educational.

At MMTQ we recognise that learning consists of:

• Acquiring knowledge of Deen

• Understanding ideas and reasonings

• Perfecting skills and confidence

• Developing good attitudes and manners


In order for this to take place the children must:

• Be active in their learning

• Be encouraged to work with each other

• Make progress and be challenged in each area of learning

• Study under the guidance of competent teachers in a pleasing environment



At MMTQ’s evening classes students learn:

·         To read and recognise the Arabic alphabet with the correct pronunciation

·         To recite the Quran with confidence, fluency and with tajweed

·         To memorise up to 25 surahs from the last chapter of the Quran (juz ul amm)

·         The correct method of offering salah

·         About the life, characteristics and habits of the Prophet Muhammad (Seerah)

·         Hadeeth (Sayings of the Prophet) in English and Arabic

·         General Islamic fiqh (laws of shariah)

·         The beliefs and creeds of a Muslim

·         Manners and characteristics of a practising Muslim

·         Supplications (duaas) and kalimahs



The Madrasah classrooms are fully furnished and equipped with the quality learning resources to enhance each child’s Islamic education. The teachers get to know each child thoroughly and are pleased to involve the parents in their learning at madrasah.

Children make progress at their own paces and in their own ways. It is important to value them as individuals and to provide learning opportunities that will build on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

We seek to make Islam attractive to our students therefore the syllabus is broad and balanced and provides for the academic, moral, physical, creative and personal and social development of every child.



If you would like to enrol (or enrol your child) for the Maktab Classes please fill in an admission form and submit it to the MMTQ either online or in person. For further information please contact the MMTQ.